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Dashboard - Reports

When a visitors submits a form on the website this is saved in the Concrete5 database. In the dashboard you can look through these results at any time.

On default the Form results tab will be opened when you click on reports on the left side of the navigation. Here you can look through submitted form results.

All the known forms are displayed in the top block in the image above. "View Responses" will make the lower box appear with the results of that form. "Open page" will open the page on which the form is added. The bottom box will show the results of the selected form. "View all fields" will show all the answers to all the questions instead of only the first two that are shown on default. "Export to Excel" allows users to download an excel sheet with all the form results.


The surveys tab will shows information about surveys that are added to the website. All surveys will be listed on the page. Press the name of the survey to see the results of the survey.

In the Logs tab all the important logs are saved of actions that the Concrete5 system performs, for example when a user forgets its password and when Concrete5 finds an unexpected error or exception. The database tab will show all the queries that are performed by the system. These logs can grow quite large and that is why it's recommended to clean these logs from time to time when they are set to active.

All logs can be disabled in the Sitewide settings section in the tab "Debug".

"This tutorial was originally written by Tom de Bruijn in 2009 and has been adapted in 2010 for Full Flavour Media's Concrete5 users"

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