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Dashboard - Sitemap

The sitemap is a list of all the pages that are available in the Concrete5 CMS. All pages, even when the user can't edit them, are displayed in the sitemap. The "Home" page is the first page where visitors will see when the go the direct URL of the website. On the home page a script is added to redirect users to the "Public" page. The home page is only page that is "stuck" in the system, which means it cannot be deleted from the system.

When a page has sub pages the icon for this page will be displayed as a directory. This system should remind people to the explorer, in Microsoft Windows (XP), which looks similar. By pressing the plus (+) sign in front of the icon you will be able to expand the page to show all its subpages. Press the minus (-) sign to hide all subpages.

The number that appears behind some pages their titles is the amount of subpages that are added directly below them. Subpages of subpages are not counted.

By pressing on the title of a page with the left mouse button a menu will appear. This menu will contain several options that are described in the list below.


Visit the page you just selected. When visiting a page you can switch to edit mode and edit the page


Change properties of the page. Name, description, URL's of the page and additional information can be added here.

Set permissions

This is only available for Administrators, but here the permissions per page can be set. Read more about this in the "Permissions" section later on in this document.


Change the design of the page. The design is the page type selected when creating the page.


Version manager of the page. Look at older versions of the page and compare them with each other.


Delete the selected page and all subpages that are added to it.

When a page is deleted it is deleted permanently.

Change Page Order

Change the order of the pages as they occur in the sitemap. Drag an icon to another location to move it there.


Move or copy the page to another location. Drag the icon of the page to another page where it should be added to. Three options will appear: Move, Create Alias and Copy. Move will move the page under the selected page. Create Alias will make it look like the page is added under that page when it actually remains in its current position. Copy will copy the entire page under the other page. From that point on multiple versions of that page exist and editing one will not affect the other page, this is however the case with Create Alias.

Search pages

Search through the subpages with a keyword.

Add Page

Add another subpage to the selected page.

Add External Link

Add an URL redirection instead of a page as subpage. When a user clicks on this page he/she will be redirected to the saved URL.

In the sitemap it's not only possible to search through subpages of a page, but through all pages at the same time. On the right side of the sitemap a very complete search filter is available to search for the page(s) you need.

There is also a checkbox "Show System Pages" available. When this is checked all Dashboard pages will be visible in the sitemap as well. Their details can be edited, but not their functionality.

"This tutorial was originally written by Tom de Bruijn in 2009 and has been adapted in 2010 for Full Flavour Media's Concrete5 users"

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