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Note: The scrapbook can be a real time-saver, as some of our clients have discovered. However it can be easy for things to go wrong if not organized properly. Please consult our advice if you wish to use the scrapbook, and then continue to use this guide as a reference.

The scrapbook is a type of clipboard for Concrete5. This scrapbook allows you to copy blocks easily from one page to another, which is easier than recreating the block on another page.

Open a page in edit mode and click on a block (left mouse button) and click on "Copy to scrapbook". A confirmation message will appear.

To place this block on another page you will have to open that one in edit mode and click on the "Add to [area]" link. Open the "Add from Scrapbook" tab and select the block you want to add. The block will now be copied to the selected area on the page. The block will remain added to the scrapbook.

In the Dashboard there is a scrapbook page present. On this page you can see your scrapbook and all the blocks that are added to it. You can also remove blocks from your scrapbook from there.


The global scrapbook is also available. This page is a tab on the Scrapbook page.

The global scrapbook allows you to add blocks, rename, delete and edit them. Blocks that are used a lot can be added here.

The real advantage of the global scrapbook lies in that you can only edit the block from the dashboard in the global scrapbook page. This block is page independent and when a change is made it’s changed throughout the site where the block is used.

Editing a block from the global scrapbook is not possible from the page where it’s added only from the dashboard itself.

"This tutorial was originally written by Tom de Bruijn in 2009 and has been adapted in 2010 for Full Flavour Media's Concrete5 users"

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