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Dashboard - Sitewide Settings

These global website settings will apply to the entire website. On the "Sitewide settings" page and its tabs these settings can be found:

  • Global
    • Website name
      • Name of the website as it appears in the title bar of the browser and in search results.
    • Editor preferences
      • Display breadcrumb navigation bar.
        • Shows a breadcrumb from the edit bar when you mouse over it. It shows you current location on the website.
        • User depended setting.
    • Tracking code
      • Option to add a code to the end of each page which can be used to load a more advanced tracking program.
    • Linking
      • Enable Pretty URLs
        • Automatically translates your path-based Concrete5 URLs so that they don't include 'index.php'.
    • Marketplace integration
      • Option to show plug-ins from the marketplace when users add blocks or change themes. They can be installed from the dashboard when they are downloaded from the marketplace and uploaded to the installation.
    • Content toolbars
      • Choose the level of advanced-ness for the content block. The more advanced option you select the more options users will get in the content block WYSIWYG editor.
        • There is also an option to add a custom code. You will be able to determine yourself which options are available and which are not.
    • Upload bookmark icon
      • Upload an icon which will be used in the bookmarks of the user’s browser and will appear in the address bar of the browser.
  • Access
    • Site permissions
      • This option is unavailable because there is chosen for the advanced permissions model.
      • Here it is possible to set for each user group if they are able to edit pages. This setting will apply to all pages on the website.
    • Maintenance mode
      • Put the website in "Maintenance mode". With this the website will be closed off for non-Administrators. Users that will visit the website will get the message that the page is closed for maintenance.
    • IP black list
      • Add an IP address or an IP address series to the list of banned IP addresses. People with computers that match those IP addresses will no longer be able to access the Concrete5 driven part of your website.
      • You can also use a smart filter that will block a user after a certain amount of failed login attempts in a certain amount of time.
  • Debug
    • Debug Level
      • Here you can choose to put the website in "Production" or "Development" mode. When production mode is active no PHP errors will be displayed, while in the development mode this is displayed.
    • Logging
      • To keep track of what’s going on, on the website you can enable logging.
        • Log Application Exceptions
          • When Concrete5 has found something it didn’t expected it can make an exception and when this happens it will log this exception to be able to inform the administrators. These logs can be used to track down a problem.
        • Log Database Activity
          • Saves all queries executed on the website. Can be used to track down any issues that might have arisen.
        • Log Emails Sent
          • Saves all emails that are being sent from the website to the database. They can be reviewed later.
        • When all logs are saved the database can become full and slower, you don’t want this. That is why it’s recommended to clean these logs from time to time when they are enabled.
    • Caching
      • Delete cache
        • To make the loading of the website faster some parts of the website are cached so that they can be loaded faster next time a user visits the page. Sometimes the cache can be outdated and it will be needed to delete the current ache. Next time a page loads the loading will take longer than with an already cached page.

"This tutorial was originally written by Tom de Bruijn in 2009 and has been adapted in 2010 for Full Flavour Media's Concrete5 users"

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