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Login And Forgot Password

When you first visit your website, you won't be logged in.

On almost all websites Full Flavour Media has built, we include a 'Login' link at the bottom of each page.

Click this and you will be directed to the login screen. (See the image on the right).

The login screen also features a couple of options. The default option is to login and that's just why you get this screen. Enter you username and password and then press "sign in". When ticking the "Remember me" checkbox Concrete5 will remember your login for the next time you need to login.


Forgot your password? Can’t login? Enter your (registered) email address in the email address form field below the login form. Press the button "Reset and Email Password" and you get an email send to your address containing your new password. However, it is recommended to change your password after this feature.

This tutorial was originally written by Tom de Bruijn in 2009 and has been adapted in 2010 for Full Flavour Media's Concrete5 users

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